AHC Learning Ltd. believes that by understanding ourselves and other people we can then establish fantastic relationships (work and home) and harness opportunities to support change.

AHC Learning Ltd. use their knowledge and experience of people development covering such topics as:

  • Communication
  • Understanding Self and Others
  • Coaching


Communication is at the heart of everything we do - even by not communicating we are still communicating some type of message. By understanding what we are communicating and how it is being received we can tailor our approach accordingly to become more effective.

Understanding Self and Others

Using a variety of tools (such as MBTI Step 1 and Insights Discovery) we work to enhance personal and team relationships and productivity by understanding our natural style. By developing this understanding and applying that knowledge to self, our teams , clients and colleagues we can create strong and effective relationships.


In such a busy world it can be valuable to take time to explore ourselves, our situations and our thoughts and feelings with a view to moving forward more effectively. AHC Learning Ltd. does this using many different techniques (such as NLP and mBIT).

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