What Our Clients Say

"As an NLP trainer and coach I require a strong trainer to support me in my work. I first recruited Alison’s services for a one-day event I was running for a corporate client. Alison’s skills, knowledge, personable approach and impressive professionalism are why I recruited her and will continue to do so. She is reliable, trust worthy, organised and as a skilled trainer herself, she is a valuable asset to any training team. Alison has great attention to detail and when working with large groups she anticipates my needs and the needs of the delegates accurately."
Eilidh Macdonald-Harte
"I can describe Alison as having lots of tools in her tool kit to allow her to deliver the objectives and outcome every time. She does this through her professionalism, approachable nature and lively personality. Hire her…you won’t be disappointed!"
Paula Paterson, Client Partner
“Early on, Alison proposed designing the presentation around which the day is based using Prezi. This was a departure from standard forms of delivery supported by PowerPoint, and added a sense of dynamism to the experience of participants. She also brought valuable insight from working with managers in other sectors, which was useful to reassuring participants that the development they were seeking wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.”
Head of OD and Learning

What Learners Have Said About Our Workshops

"Excellent trainer who kept the delegates engaged throughout."
"I think that all managers should attend this course."
"Alison is very knowledgeable and has a great delivery style. Fantastic trainer"
"Alison was a great facilitator and built up a good rapport with the group. Also kept us to time throughout the day."
" Very useful – I have recently changed role into working with guys on site & supervising so has given me great insights"
" Overall a very useful course that made people realise / understand how to deal with communicating with employees rather than always ask HR"
" It was really beneficial to be on a course with colleagues from different parts of the business. I do not get much opportunity to interact with Operational colleagues and I gained a better appreciated of what situations they encounter"
" Alison gave clear and detail information and advice about the course contents"
" Very impressed with Allison's delivery of the full content. Very pleased."
"Alison is very knowledge and has a great delivery style. Fantastic trainer"
"Alison really tried to engage everyone and was always willing to answer questions. A very enjoyable course and I feel the information covered will be useful going forward"
"Really valuable day - great to get personally adapted feedback & discussions. Much better than just learning theory."
Excellent Trainer - very approachable and give great insight and personal feedback."
"Very helpful, thank you. You gave me a tremendous amount to think about and new ways of analysing particular challenges. I think the true value will come with more practice."
"The course has given me more confidence, which I didn’t expect so a huge bonus"
"One of the better courses I have been on. Can really see lots of areas where this can be used in my role. Great delivery & information."
"An excellent course which kept my attention for the whole day. The facilitator offered plenty of short breaks and kept to time."
"Great at bringing out the best in people"
"One of the better courses that I have been on. Can really see lots of areas where this can be used in my role. Great delivery and information."
"Really valuable day – great to get personally-adapted feedback and discussions. Much better than just learning theory"
"Lots of variety in methods used and ideas for practical application which will enhance my time management skills."
"I am a new Line Manager so eager to gain as much knowledge as possible. This course was pitched at just the right level."
"Alison was a great facilitator and built up a good rapport with the group."

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